Reflecting on Nacho News & AlC205

As I type my final piece of assessment for ALC205, I find myself feeling surprised at all the new information I have learnt and obstacles I have overcome. Especially whilst participating in the ALC205 collaborative digital media project. This project required me to work with four other digital media students to create a five minute... Continue Reading →


Behind the Scenes @ Nacho News

Written By Christine Ling, Matthew Evans, Josh Wakefield, Caraka Putra & Darcy Burke. Our group, ALC Nacho, decided to focus on on surveillance in educational institutions, such as our schools and universities. Through online communication, our group swiftly decided that the video would be in the form of a news report. This type of video... Continue Reading →

Surveillance in Schools, Protective or Problematic?

  Surveillance in schools, protective or invasive? Recently, more and more Australians are increasing their security by introducing surveillance technologies such as CCTV’s and security guards. There has been much controversy in regards to weather or not these measure are necessary safety precautions or an invasion of privacy. Catherine Smith (2015) argues that the use... Continue Reading →

Surveillance & The Female Experience

When it comes to digital surveillance, females tend to have a significantly different experience in comparison to men. Surveillance technologies such as CCTV were created for the purpose of preventing and deterring crime and disorder (Phillips, C. 2005. P124). However, could it be possible that these technologies are causing more harm than good? Perhaps these... Continue Reading →

The Gamified Consumer

  This video explores the impacts gamification has on educational and consumer contexts. Gamification has had an immense impact on human behaviour and motivation, this video will provides examples of relevant positive and negative issues related to gamification. When creating this short video I adopted a very simple and relaxed strategy. This strategy is the... Continue Reading →

Managing Online Identities

Meme culture has been growing and changing since early 2010. We’ve evolved from the 2012 ‘Grumpy Cat’ meme to the modern memes of 2017 e.g., ‘Arthur Fist’ and ‘Confused Mr Krabs’.  These early 2010 memes are funny, however they are unfortunately irrelevant. I want to talk about the more recent ‘relatable’ memes which have Dominated Facebook... Continue Reading →

Performing Arts & The Dance Industry

Pursuing a career in the arts is known to be extremely difficult. Artists face constant rejection and criticism on a daily basis from casting agencies to directors and even everyday individuals who simply have no respect for the industry. The internet plays an especially huge role in the diminishing of those who have chosen a... Continue Reading →

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